Things to Do

Visitors to Rose Blanche, Harbour Le Cou and Diamond Cove often ask, “What can I do here if I stay awhile?” 

At “The Neck” 

  • Take a leisurely stroll around the lighthouse trail and enjoy the sights and sounds of an ocean environment.
  • Read the storyboards about the area’s marine disasters and acts of heroism. 
  • Observe, with the aid of the flora signs, the great variety of plants that bloom along the trail and between the rocks,
  • Order a picnic basket lunch at the Grub Box and enjoy a picnic “on the rocks.”
  • Dress up in a period costume and have a photo shoot while pretending to do traditional outport activities. You are only limited by your imagination but if you need guidance the lighthouse staff will gladly help you.
  • Visit the lighthouse and imagine what it would have been like to live there.
  • Visit the Fisherman’s Museum and the impressive Joe Edwards model boat collection that is housed there. 
  • Visit the craft store and browse the many locally produced crafts that are for sale.
  • Pick berries in season – bakeapples, blueberries, partridgeberries and marshberries.
  • Fly your kite on the hills where there are no overhead power lines but where there is always an ocean breeze. 
  • Sit at a picnic table, with a view, and enjoy a snack from The Grub Box. 


In the Community

  • Stroll throughout the three communities of Rose Blanche, Harbour Le Cou and Diamond Cove that are connected by walking trails.  These trails are the original ones that connected the three communities before 1960 and the advent of vehicular transportation. (A map of the trails is available at the craft store)
  • Visit the white quartz cliff at Diamond Cove from which Rose Blanche gets its name.
  • Visit the wharves and chat with the fishermen, who may be there.
  • Walk the boardwalk to the beautiful Barachois Falls, just kms from Rose Blanche.
  • Enjoy the panoramic view from the lookout on The Harbour Le Cou trail, including the resettled community of Petites.
  • Travel by ferry to the isolated community of LaPoile, 35 kms east along the coast to experience a way of life that is quickly changing. The ferry leaves the pier at Diamond Cove daily at 4 pm.  Click here for details
  • Book a boat tour that offers sightseeing tours to the resettled communities of Petites and Grand Bruit with a stop at LaPoile  ( Details available at the craft store or by visiting Marine Excursions OR Margaree Outfitters)